The Mouse Mover Offers Peacefull Bathroom Breaks


People working from home are getting more stressed out from Zoom meetings to overzealous IT Departments tracking their work. So we found this perfect Christmas gift for your friends who are working “remotely,” which is a “mouse mover.” The mouse mover will help your “friends” no longer worry about taking too long getting a snack or in the restroom.

The AFK Tech Mouse Mover simulates mouse motion. There is no need to install any software or insert any USB stick into your computer. This Mouse Mover is completely independent of your work-issued computer and undetectable by over-zealous IT departments. You simply place your computer mouse on the mouse mover and press the power button. Your computer senses that your mouse is moving while you step away from your computer. You can stop worrying and start enjoying the flexibility of working from home.

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