Our Top Five Winter Hacks For Easy Morning Commutes

 Winter can cause some inconveniences that slow us down as we try to get where we want to go. If you’re parking outside this winter, check these five ways to keep your car from freezing up. Of course, the best hack is to park in a garage, but not all of us have that option. We found our favorite #WinterCarHacks to share with you.

Frost Free Mirrors

Keep a couple of plastic bags in your glove compartment. Place these bags over your mirrors at night, and you’ll have frost-free mirrors in the morning. You can reuse the bags.

Easy De-Icer

Fill a clean spray bottle with 2 parts rubbing alcohol and 1 part water and store it in your vehicle during the cold weather months. Spray this “de-icer” on your frosted windshield and windows during the chilly months to help to make scraping frost easier.

Gas Up!

It’s a good plan to always have a full tank of gas during the cold weather or at the very least about half topped off. This hack will, for sure, help if you get stranded. It also prevents any water in your gas tank will not freeze, which could damage the fuel pump.

Sock it to the cold

This is a two-fold hack. Raise your windshield wipers at night and put socks over them; it will prevent them from getting frozen to your windshield. Keep these socks in your glove compartment as they can double as gloves if you get stranded.

Frozen locks de-iced by hand sanitizer

The particular alcohol that kills germs will lower the freezing point and melt the ice in your lock. You may need a straw to get a precise application.

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