NFL trade deadline pushed back one week to after Week 9

Rows of american football balls in NFL Experience in Times Square^ New York

The NFL trade deadline will be moving to the Tuesday after Week 9 beginning with the 2024 season. Per a post on X from ESPN’s Mike Garafolo, owners voted Tuesday at the league’s annual meetings to approve a measure that would move the trade deadline to the Tuesday following Week 9 games, meaning players are eligible to be traded as late as halfway through the 18-week season. The 2024 trade deadline is set to be on Nov. 5; it was Oct. 31 in 2023.

After the league moved to a 17-game schedule for the 2021 season, the trade deadline wasn’t adjusted to accommodate a longer season. During the annual meetings, Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry submitted a proposal, supported by the Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Commanders, to move the trade deadline back two weeks after Week 10. The Pittsburgh Steelers’ proposal pushing it back only one week, which garnered the three-fourths approval needed to pass. The 2024 rule will again restore the deadline to its more centralized timetable.

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