AMI Media COVID-19 Crisis Response

A message from the Staff / Mgmt. Group at AMI Media Group regarding the status of the Covid 19 situation and our reporting responsibilities.

As the coronavirus/COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we wanted to address our listeners, our advertisers, and our employees – all our most treasured assets. The entire situation has become very serious from a global standpoint and that transcends into local circumstances at various levels.
No matter your political alliances, the challenges of this compound daily. At the same time, there are strategic plans in place to manage the situation the best we can.  We are blessed that we have one of the most powerful media platforms with multiple signals on-air and online to serve with information 24/7.  It is our legal responsibility and our “personal” programming responsibility to provide you information to keep you safe.  Besides our own internal staff, we have strong partnerships with the very BEST media partners and information sources in our listening areas to keep everyone informed. 
On behalf of the Gene Bicknell family, our executive staff and all employees: you have our word that we are here to help our listeners and customers.
Thanks for your patronage – we will work through this together…
Kurt Boney
AMI Radio Group
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