2000 Trees Planted Throughout Joplin

We have noticed Joplin getting greener with spring but more importantly through the unified efforts of our community.

After the 2011 tornado, over 2,000 trees were planted throughout City property. The goal was to replant the urban forest that was lost. Most of the trees were planted in the same time period, making the maintenance and upkeep of creating a new healthy urban forest a challenge.

Thanks to a Community Conservation Grant and a Tree Resource Improvement and Maintenance (TRIM) Grant via the Missouri Dept. of Conservation, over 1,250 of these trees were pruned last week by All About Trees.

Many thanks to MDC for their continued support of reforesting Joplin! And, a special shout out to Noel, Will, Kaleb, Max, Clint, and Kevin from All About Trees for knocking out such a large project so quickly!
Courtesy Joplin Parks and Rec

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